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January 7, 2018 Net Worth Update


Hello Everyone!

This is my January 7, 2018 Net Worth update!  My net worth rose $112,716.39 total for the year 2017.  My portfolio rose $53,364.50.  I contributed $14,420.00 to my portfolio and earned $9050.24 in dividends and capital gains.

Pot stocks recently attracted my attention so I ended up purchasing eight stocks which can be found in my Roth.  I believe in the benefits of cannabis oil as a medicine and since Canada should legalize in July I figured it would be a good purchase.  So far I have earned $2000.00 but the market appears to be quite volatile.  I am considering selling and using the gains as a small stash to use to dabble in daily trading. 🙂  Pot stocks are the only non dividend producing stocks that I have ever purchased.  However I appreciate the slow and steady course of dividend investing and will therefore continue to mainly invest the dividend way most of the time.

In the month of December I also found myself purchasing several reit type stocks that can be found in my Roth.  I was feverishly looking for good dividend payers and when I happened upon a discussion forum on Fidelity’s website that discussed high dividend yielders I could not resist.  I jotted down several names from the thread and ended up purchasing them.  The stocks are ARI, ARES, CIM, HTGC, NLY, NRZ, and TCAP.  Once I realized I would not be quitting my job I pulled the money from my emergency savings and plopped it into my Roth.  So far, as of this writing, I have maxed out my Roth for 2017 and 2018, filling it up with reit type stocks and pot stocks 🙂

My goal for 2018 is to save as much money as possible.  I cannot take the flu shot again so I will have to quit if, once again, I cannot find a doctor to write an exemption letter.  I really just want to quit, so if I were to get out of taking the flu shot it may not make a difference.  I may still quit.  The daily grind is taking its toll. My physical state is suffering and I need relief from the daily grind.  The question I wonder about is would quitting place me into a worse state?  I do believe that if I kept working until the age of 49 I could have 1 million dollars saved if the bull market continues…  But does it really matter?  Health is true wealth and my physical state is suffering which is affecting my imagination and creativity.  Imagination is everything to me, having the freedom and strength to imagine….




In the foreseeable future I would eventually like to buy a camper van to travel and live in part time!  We shall see but this is something I would really like to do… I need to see California, Yosemite, the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument…Nova Scotia, Michigan……..Superstition mts….  Stay tuned!




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November 26, 2017 Net Worth Update

Hello Everyone!

This is my November 26, 2017 Net Worth Update.  However I am writing on December 8!

2017-12-09 01.42.14

I decided to take the flu shot to keep my job.  😦  I reasoned that I might be ok since some, but not all, of my coworkers seemed ok.  It was a very hard decision and has steamrolled my life for over the past year.

It was hard decision because these shots have dangerous side effects.  However, I have been running my experiment of the zero dollar paycheck and am finding how quickly I go through money even though my bills are low.  Because of this I was very hesitant to quit, I was just not ready!

2017-12-08 17.50.15

I have been living off of my paypal for the past two months and have almost gone through the original $2000.00.  Of course I have not been able to devote as much of my time to selling as I would like so my paypal could be in better shape.

The reason why I am living off of my paypal is because I wanted to see if I could pay my bills through online selling since I planned to quit my job in order to avoid the flu shot.  Instead of relying on my income from my regular job I wanted to place myself in the position of drumming up my own pay through a side gig.  With this plan I went ahead and contributed 95% of my pretax dollars to my 403b.  I have done this for the last four paychecks and plan to end the year in this manner.  I do not know if I will be able to continue this into the new year because my paypal is almost empty.  And since I am debilitated by the flu shot my online selling endeavor keeps getting sidelined…

But I have to continue to press on and sell online because I cannot take the shot next year.  Now I know what IT does.  I mean, I knew before, but now I will not have lingering doubts, wondering if, had I quit, would it have been in vain?  Did I quit for no reason?

So now I know, I know I cannot take it ever again.  It has robbed me of so much.  I have lost something, I just hope I can get it back.  I must get it back.  In order to help I have been juicing and eating very healthy, trying to get my immune system back on track because the shot has deregulated it.  I feel like a piece to the puzzle of my immune system was taken out and stolen from me.


I do not understand how doctors and the CDC can say that it is a protective shot when I feel so vulnerable and weakened by it??  It is not protective, it is destructive.  I have had tingling in my feet, depression, anxiousness, sadness, skittishness, tinnitus, angina, and have not been able to sneeze or cough since I had the shot.  Plus I feel like I am in an overall weakened state where I feel “less than” and compromised.  This “less than” feeling is quite surprising and I wonder if it is designed to do that???  I have hope this feeling will eventually go away.  This shot is a huge waste of time.  I was perfectly healthy last week when I got it, why harm a healthy person?  Why?  Why let my job hinge on this?  After all those years of study?


This is a little song I wrote about the forced vaccine programs they are starting.  Sing it to the tune of Beastie Boys “Fight for your Right”:

Your Employer says take the flu shot today!

But deep down you know “No Way!”

Mercury, Aluminum, Guillian Barre

Ways to make you crippled and maimed!

You gotta fight!  For your right!  To be healthy!

Phar-Ma-Ceu-Ti-Cal Companies!

They’re all in it for the greed!

Houses cars, granite and bling!

Using your body for their luxury!

You gotta fight!  For your right!  To be healthy!

Doctors…. and Nurses just stay away!

These goons are hitman for the FDA!

Firing those who won’t comply!

While exempting their Fam-i-Lies!

You gotta fight!  For your right!  To be healthy!


…Looking Ahead

I am now focused on forging ahead and planning for next year yet taking it one day at a time as I strive to get my mojo back.  Before taking the shot I had decided to stay at my current job until the age of 49 and thus take 4 more flu shots.  I now realize I cannot endure one more shot so I will not be doing this.  By staying until 49 I could have contributed regularly to my stocks and had a portfolio that provided enough income through dividend payments to support me monthly.

But I have hope that not all is lost.  A recent J Money post asked how long we could live on our net worth if we stopped working today?  I came up with at least 28 years for myself so maybe I am in better shape than I thought?  So for now I plan to leave next fall.  In the meantime I will contribute the max to my 403b and Roth and continue to reinvest the dividends.  I will also continue to pursue online reselling while looking for a “small” job and delve into my hobbies.  I really like gardening and raising monarch butterflies.  I am also very interested in naturopathy / natural healing.  My new life will center around these interests.

Have a good December!  Stay Free!












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October 6, 2017 Net Worth Update


Shelf Cloud


Hello Everyone, this is my October 6, 2017 Net Worth Update.

My stock portfolio has increased over the past year with very little outside contribution.  My dividends are averaging a little over $500 dollars per month.  I have mainly been adding to my emergency fund to reach a goal of $10,000.00 which I have just about accomplished.  I know my goals keep changing.  This is because I am not sure if I will be working at my job after December, so my goals are very short sited!

My plan for the rest of the year is to add 95% of my paycheck to my 403b.  I am doing this for three reasons: #1 to take advantage of some extra hours that I am working at work, #2 to decrease my taxable income, and #3 to cut my paycheck down to almost nothing so that I can feel the burn and hopefully this will spurn me on to focus on building up my paypal account through reselling.  If I do not earn enough money to cover my bills through reselling I will have to use the money in my PayPal or charge to my credit card.  🙂

My goal is to earn money outside of work through reselling and eventually quit my day job.  My day job pays well but I am looking for a way out of the daily grind… I would like to have control of my time and this control is becoming more important to me the older I get!






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July 17, 2017 Net Worth Update

Hello everyone, this is my (late) July Net Worth update.  It has been a little busy for me this summer so I am a little behind but I have been able to go to some nice places including Lake Michigan!

So to recap, up to mid July, my net worth increased $8883.13.  Most of the gains were due to the stock market.  I am still concentrating most of my savings efforts into my extra savings account and throwing a hundred dollars here and there into my brokerage.  I have come to the conclusion that I really need to add to my Roth this year, 2017, since its earnings are tax free.  I guess I am stubborn about contributing to that account for some reason but I really need to do it.

I would like to accumulate $20,000 in an emergency fund and so far I have saved $7000.00.  In addition to the $20,000 emergency fund I would also like to purchase a car in the $8000 to $10,000 range.  I would like to accomplish these two things within the next year and if my current vehicle is still running I will just keep it and hold onto the money saved until I am forced to buy another.

Of course I will have to keep working in order to accomplish these goals so if I want to do this I will have to take the flu vaccine to keep my job which I do not want to do.  In the meantime I will pray for a miracle and hopefully get out of it.

My dividends have been earning about $525 per month average.   This is great news and I feel happy and content at this point with this amount.  Of course earning more returns would not be unwelcome but since I have drastically decreased contributing to my accounts I understand that growth will be slow but I can’t really complain…

Looming big purchases for my townhouse, such as a new heating system, has also caused me to decrease saving for retirement. 😦   I also make less money than I have in previous years because I cut down my work hours from 40 to 32 hours per week.  I am relieved to have a decreased work schedule and like working four days a week, it prevents burnout.  So I have no intentions to increase my hours and therefore have to accept the decrease in pay and decreased contributions.

Have a great month of August!  I hope to have another update by the end of the month.  Don’t forget the eclipse August 21st!






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June 12, 2017 Net Worth Update


Hello Readers,

This is my June 12, 2017 Net Worth Update.  Since I decreased my working hours last year from 80 biweekly to 64 I am unable to add as much money to my brokerage as I would like.  At one point in time in 2016 I was adding $2000.00 per month.  At this point in time I could probably add about $1400 per month but even saving this amount has screeched to a halt because I decided it would be more pertinent for me to instead add it to a savings account emergency fund since it is highly likely that I will be quitting my job in September due to a “mandatory” flu vaccine at my workplace.

This shot has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with adding money to someone else’s pocket and especially not mine since I am willing to quit over it.  I guess you could say that I am upset and angry that my savings ability is being ripped from me.  I am a saver.  Everything seen on this blog was saved from my own work.  I have never been in debt, I always saved, even when I had nothing.

It is unbelievable that I have been able to obtain what I have and I am frustrated because I believe this is another example of the attack on the middle class.  My job cannot be outsourced so I believe “they” have used a job that cannot be outsourced to their advantage by taking advantage of the only thing they can, my physical body.

Quitting will alter my blog and investing activity but I don’t think it will be completely destroyed.  The good news is that my monthly dividend return has been averaging just over $500.00!  Simply adding $500.00 per month to my account is an admirable achievement and I think I can be happy with limiting my contributions to this amount.  Unless I can obtain “special paperwork” from a “doctor” to get me out of this poisonous shot, I may have to accept this…

So… this is what “they” are doing to me… and is another representation of what “they” are doing to the middle class… I feel like I live in Nazi Germany, trying to get my “special paperwork” to get out of the country and save my life.

My only other option, I have decided, is to take one shot, in 2017, and one shot only since repeated shots are more harmful, save for a car in 2017/2018, and quit in the fall of 2018 before the next shot is forced.  Stay tuned.

On a lighter note, I have been working around my container garden and small yard like crazy.  I love doing this.  Below are some pictures.  I bought a Meyer lemon tree on a whim at Walmart.  I live in zone 6 so this should be interesting.  This tree can be kept in a container so it will live through the winter.  I also purchased various plants for pollinators.  These plants include a milkweed plant and milkweed seeds for Monarch butterflies, Lavendar Grosso, and Phenomenal Lavenadar, and Salvia plants.  Bees love Salvia.

I have also become quite interested in the International Space Station (ISS).  It can be seen with the naked eye so it is especially exciting that its path has recently taken it right over my townhouse on a nightly basis!  It is so cool.. there is even an app, called ISS Detector, that enables you to track its orbit.  Astronomy is something I intend to study in my post 9-5 life.  It astounds me that one can see the moons of Jupiter and Saturn with something as simple as binoculars.









April 22 Net Worth Update

Hello Everyone!

This is my April 22, 2017 Net Worth Update!  It is exciting to see the dividend changes, you can see the changes here:  Dividend Income, and here:  History.

Almost exactly two years ago I stumbled upon dividend investing when I noticed deposits of money into my Roth IRA that I did not actively contribute.  I thought the deposits were some type of “mutual fund” activity but researched further and found out they were dividends.

I was intrigued by these deposits and researched daily.  This led me to an investment technique called “dividend capture”.  My first dividend capture stock purchase was a financial stock called White Horse Financial which I still own to this day.

WHF has a great yield but the dividend has not increased since my purchase.  I did not sell after receiving the dividend because the price dropped under my purchase price.  The price drop combined with the $7.95 buy and sell commission would have caused me to lose money.

WHF’s price has just now exceeded what I originally paid, almost two years later! 🙂  (Speaking of commission, about a month ago Fidelity changed their commission price to $4.95!!! Unbelievable!!!  And the same day they announced their changed, Charles Schwab did the same, offering a $5.95 commission!)

I was hesitant about the dividend capture method so I continued researching other investment strategies.  It was at that point that I discovered the old Dividend Mantra blog.  This blog opened my eyes to see that I could just simply continue to hold onto the stock and receive future dividend income from it without the fear and stress of losing money from buying and selling.  As long as the market did not crash, it sounded like a win-win!  So far that little stock has earned me $246.06!

So I abandoned dividend capture and embarked upon dividend investing.  This is funny because I was always told to NEVER buy single stocks, opting instead to invest in mutual funds.  But at the age of 41 I decided to take a risk and buy single stocks.

This method appeals to me because it is simple and easy to understand.

All mutual fund distributions arise from dividends.  However one can lose money through mutual fund fees.  By purchasing single stocks I bypass the “interference” of managed funds which enables me to receive the whole dividend in its entirety.  Plus, I do not have to sell off portions of my mutual fund to obtain income in retirement and cut off part of my “tree”. 🙂  If you have not yet perused the Dividend Mantra site, I highly recommend it, are the remnants still out there???

Along with all of the great concepts (for ex. “A Dollar is not a Dollar”, a “Year is not a Year”)  I learned from the site, there is yet one more.  It offered a real live glimpse of a stock portfolio.

Up until that point in time the main financial guidance I received was that if I placed “X” number of dollars into a mutual fund at age 20, and contributed annually, I would accumulate “X” amount of dollars by age 60.

I basically had to contribute and wait passively until 60.  Some estimates predicted the earnings to be 1 million dollars; the problem is that I never saw evidence from the financial advisors who advised this, no one ever presented proof, I never saw real numbers.

Seeing the dividend mantra’s portfolio through the power of the internet was very, very helpful to me.  I saw a much more active investing process.  Because I was helped I decided to post my portfolio as well and offer that same help to others who may decide that dividend investing is for them.  You can also see the accumulative effect of the dividends here:  History.

These are some pictures of things that I was up to in early spring.  Most of the pictures are from a small and old town that I like to visit. Can anyone guess what happened to the tree? 🙂


February 11, 2017 Net Worth Update

Hello Everyone

This is my late January early February net worth update!  I hope to create one update each month this year.

The shingles that I had the misfortune of developing about a month ago have resolved for the most part but I still have residual affects in my lower back and leg and the remnants of the rash is still visible.  I believe these nuisances will clear up, hopefully within the next year.  Shingles is a horrible condition and I feel the need to write another cathartic article about it within the next couple of months, with pictures…

I have recently started selling items on ebay and this has kept me very busy.  I really enjoy reselling; there is a lot of “stuff” out there to resell and I live in an area that offers a lot of shopping opportunities so I am going to give it a try and see if I can make at least enough money to cover my monthly bills.

Covering my monthly bills is my main goal because I do not want to be forced to take the flu shot this fall.  If I can find a means of decent income outside my current job I am going to quit.  I will be “living on the cheap” but I do want to quit…

Living on the cheap is of course risky.  One health incident could really hurt me financially.  But then again, even if I were extremely wealthy, a health incident could hurt me financially as well.

Speaking of the flu shot, I just thought that I would mention something because this has really been bugging me.  Every year we are also forced to take a yearly TB skin test.  This test never really bothered me and I did not object to it until recently but I will not get into my objections on this post.

But what I am getting at is that every year we are forced to get a TB test with accompanying paperwork to fill out.  Within the past couple of years the paperwork has changed with 2016’s paperwork the most comprehensive.

I had the test performed in December of 2016 and before getting the shot I had to fill out the paperwork.  And do you know what the paperwork statement stated in the area where I signed my name?  The statement read, “I am requesting a TB test to be administered” What!!???? HELLO?????



Yes, the paperwork’s statement basically forced me to state that I was asking for it…and therefore if anything detrimental…in terms of my health… or anything else…were to happen…then…I could not sue because I WANTED IT!!!!!!  This is very sick.  I see where this is going.  The flu shot paperwork this fall will most probably say the same thing.

I work in an environment that requires FIERCE attention to detail and truth and critical thinking.  This statement that I had to sign was dishonest and wicked so my question is…”What kind of workers are they looking for?”  Easily controllable workers???  Workers that don’t think critically????  What a joke…I am becoming very jaded.

The statement could at least have stated “I understand that I am required to take the TB as a requirement of my job.”  I still don’t agree with being forced to take a medical procedure but at least this is an HONEST statement.  I became very angry after reading the contents of the paperwork and wanted to point out the absurdity to the nurse giving the shot but this would have been pointless so I held it all in and anyway deep down I feared retaliation…yep this is where this is going.

Ok, so anyway, back to the net worth update! 🙂  I was saving for a car but ended up placing the $4000.00 I had saved into my brokerage.  Combined with the stock market increases, my portfolio is above $200,000!!!

It is fascinating to see the gains in the portfolio in just one year.  You can check it all out here. 🙂

Have a great rest of February!!!