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June 1, 2016 Net Worth Update


Hello, June is finally here and with it is warm weather and sunny blue skies. ūüôā¬†¬†I was able to maintain my goal of adding $2000.00 to my brokerage account in May and my net worth rose $4504.46.¬† Most importantly,¬†my dividends for the month of May totaled $423.04!¬†¬†It is¬†still hard to believe.¬† I also found out some very good news.¬†¬†I am able to transfer dividends from my Roth into my brokerage as long as the¬†amount does not cut into the original amount that I¬†added, which will never happen!¬† This is¬†good news because¬†I¬†did not factor in my Roth dividends to help pay my monthly bills since I thought I had to wait until age¬†65 to access them.¬†¬†But this is not true.¬† And even more exciting is the fact that my bills, excluding food and gas, total $570.00 per month!

I have also happened upon¬†¬†my own little mantra where I state¬†“This is part of my early retirement scheme”, whenever I buy a new appliance, attempt adjustments to my work schedule,¬†research new ways to live frugally, or just about any other life decision.¬†¬†I do this because I am so focused¬†upon retiring early that I have subconsciously developed a “retirement nesting instinct” that guides me in the direction that will be the most likely to¬†feather¬†my nest comfortably.

From this point forward I believe¬†that the more expensive financial decisions that I make will, for the most part,¬†be some of my last since I will be living on a fixed and lower income in partial retirement.¬† Because of this I am attempting to work hard and purchase what I call “Large Ticket Items”, while I am still working.¬† A few items I will need to buy before partial or full retirement are a digital camera, dishwasher, refrigerator, window treatments, floor repair, ¬†and hardware for my kitchen.¬† These items do not seem too unreasonable but they are a big deal to me and I struggle with purchasing them because I would much rather purchase¬†dividend stocks.¬†¬†But I¬†need to have the items under my belt before retiring.¬† I speak of retiring somewhat nonchalantly, as though I could retire tomorrow.¬† I know I only have a very small dividend income stream but my survival instinct is kicking in telling me that I WILL retire soon, it is not even a question any more, I just will, I have to.¬† My experience has taught me that working for an employer past the age of 40 is a bad idea.¬† I am 42 and so thankful for my job but the daily grind is more challenging after 40!¬† My advice to¬†most people¬†would be to ¬†avoid the daily grind after 40 if at all possible.¬† I am not opposed to working, just working a 9-5 because, being over 40,¬†I fight the¬†physical demands everyday.¬† I would also much rather spend time at my house.¬† I have endless tasks¬†to ¬†keep me busy there.

Over the past week I have been purchasing more items than I usual since I do not like to accumulate stuff.  When I retire early I realize I may not have the funds to allow me to travel so I am setting up my townhouse area as nicely as I can in order

to give it a “vacation like” feel.¬† I am a new homeowner so this is all new to me.¬† Some of my purchases include a 7.5 foot sky blue patio umbrella, numerous flowers, a bird feeder, and patio lights!¬† I also gave in and purchased a Roomba 650 which is one of the best decisions that I have made.¬† The Roomba cost $374 but with a few discounts I paid $320, I hope it lasts me for the rest of my life.

So what do you think?¬† Am I creating the “vacation like” atmosphere?¬† ūüôā¬† Let me know… have a good day!