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November 26, 2017 Net Worth Update

Hello Everyone!

This is my November 26, 2017 Net Worth Update.  However I am writing on December 8!

2017-12-09 01.42.14

I decided to take the flu shot to keep my job.  😦  I reasoned that I might be ok since some, but not all, of my coworkers seemed ok.  It was a very hard decision and has steamrolled my life for over the past year.

It was hard decision because these shots have dangerous side effects.  However, I have been running my experiment of the zero dollar paycheck and am finding how quickly I go through money even though my bills are low.  Because of this I was very hesitant to quit, I was just not ready!

2017-12-08 17.50.15

I have been living off of my paypal for the past two months and have almost gone through the original $2000.00.  Of course I have not been able to devote as much of my time to selling as I would like so my paypal could be in better shape.

The reason why I am living off of my paypal is because I wanted to see if I could pay my bills through online selling since I planned to quit my job in order to avoid the flu shot.  Instead of relying on my income from my regular job I wanted to place myself in the position of drumming up my own pay through a side gig.  With this plan I went ahead and contributed 95% of my pretax dollars to my 403b.  I have done this for the last four paychecks and plan to end the year in this manner.  I do not know if I will be able to continue this into the new year because my paypal is almost empty.  And since I am debilitated by the flu shot my online selling endeavor keeps getting sidelined…

But I have to continue to press on and sell online because I cannot take the shot next year.  Now I know what IT does.  I mean, I knew before, but now I will not have lingering doubts, wondering if, had I quit, would it have been in vain?  Did I quit for no reason?

So now I know, I know I cannot take it ever again.  It has robbed me of so much.  I have lost something, I just hope I can get it back.  I must get it back.  In order to help I have been juicing and eating very healthy, trying to get my immune system back on track because the shot has deregulated it.  I feel like a piece to the puzzle of my immune system was taken out and stolen from me.


I do not understand how doctors and the CDC can say that it is a protective shot when I feel so vulnerable and weakened by it??  It is not protective, it is destructive.  I have had tingling in my feet, depression, anxiousness, sadness, skittishness, tinnitus, angina, and have not been able to sneeze or cough since I had the shot.  Plus I feel like I am in an overall weakened state where I feel “less than” and compromised.  This “less than” feeling is quite surprising and I wonder if it is designed to do that???  I have hope this feeling will eventually go away.  This shot is a huge waste of time.  I was perfectly healthy last week when I got it, why harm a healthy person?  Why?  Why let my job hinge on this?  After all those years of study?


This is a little song I wrote about the forced vaccine programs they are starting.  Sing it to the tune of Beastie Boys “Fight for your Right”:

Your Employer says take the flu shot today!

But deep down you know “No Way!”

Mercury, Aluminum, Guillian Barre

Ways to make you crippled and maimed!

You gotta fight!  For your right!  To be healthy!

Phar-Ma-Ceu-Ti-Cal Companies!

They’re all in it for the greed!

Houses cars, granite and bling!

Using your body for their luxury!

You gotta fight!  For your right!  To be healthy!

Doctors…. and Nurses just stay away!

These goons are hitman for the FDA!

Firing those who won’t comply!

While exempting their Fam-i-Lies!

You gotta fight!  For your right!  To be healthy!


…Looking Ahead

I am now focused on forging ahead and planning for next year yet taking it one day at a time as I strive to get my mojo back.  Before taking the shot I had decided to stay at my current job until the age of 49 and thus take 4 more flu shots.  I now realize I cannot endure one more shot so I will not be doing this.  By staying until 49 I could have contributed regularly to my stocks and had a portfolio that provided enough income through dividend payments to support me monthly.

But I have hope that not all is lost.  A recent J Money post asked how long we could live on our net worth if we stopped working today?  I came up with at least 28 years for myself so maybe I am in better shape than I thought?  So for now I plan to leave next fall.  In the meantime I will contribute the max to my 403b and Roth and continue to reinvest the dividends.  I will also continue to pursue online reselling while looking for a “small” job and delve into my hobbies.  I really like gardening and raising monarch butterflies.  I am also very interested in naturopathy / natural healing.  My new life will center around these interests.

Have a good December!  Stay Free!












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Unalienable Rights

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“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…”

This may sound like an angry post, that is because  I feel very passionate about the topic of forced vaccinations.  I am not against vaccinations but FORCED vaccinations, refer to the quote above, taken from The Declaration of Independence.


When I look at these pictures I think of how beautiful they are.  Having been taken, in September 2015, with an ordinary digital camera, and no other aids, they turned out quite good.  You can see the effervescent glow produced by the sun’s rays as it reflects off the “super moon.”  Starting at picture #1, you can observe the Earth’s shadow as it slowly encroaches upon the orbiting moon and creates the blood moon at picture #8.  Picture #1 was taken at 2047 and picture #11 was taken at 0158.  Picture #10 and #11 are the moon as it emerges from the Earth’s shadow.

As I sit here writing this I cannot help but think about the way in which my unalienable rights are being trampled upon.  Having my rights taken away in this fashion has caused me to research daily the slow encroachment of the government into my daily life, more specifically, the CDC, BIG PHARMA, and the FDA!!!!

I know about them.  I now know that the pharmaceutical industry is the richest of all US job sectors and that they are using this huge resource, (their money from OUR tax dollars) to lobby in Washington DC to get laws enacted that suit their agenda.

BIG Pharma’s agenda is to create a demand for their products.  And just as coal companies pursue coal mines for their profit, and oil companies pursue oil wells, and fisherman pursue fish, the pharmaceutical companies pursue the human body and have claimed the human population as their own capital!!!

The pharmaceutical companies are pursuing this “untapped market”, the adult population, even more aggressively than ever by Forcing vaccinations upon us!  If we the people do not stop the pharmaceutical companies now we will be destroyed by their products!!!!!  By the year 2025 it is estimated that 1 in 2 children will have autism!!!

And they wrecked a potentially good thing.  I had childhood vaccinations but decided not to take any additional vaccines after a bad experience with the hepatitis b vaccine.  But I still had respect for vaccine makers because they served a good purpose by helping mankind in times of crisis, such as a malignant TB, flu, or Ebola pandemic, and I thought they realized this was intended their role.  Greed has set in and their benevolent role has been eclipsed by their lust for money through the forced vaccination gold mine, specifically with the flu vaccine since it is being pushed to be a YEARLY VACCINE, from cradle to grave.  In addition to the flu vaccine, companies like Pfizer have now pounced upon the irresistible revenue potential of vaccines and have developed there own vaccine schedule.  I have lost respect for pharmaceutical companies and the family practitioners.  They have ABUSED their power and influence on the citizens of this country.

My Philosophy

When I was in grade school I had the flu 2-3 times, once per year.  I remember vividly one year arriving home from school on a Friday, immediately developing a horrible headache, overcome with the need to sleep, and being bedridden for a week with the flu.

I did not go to the hospital ER, it was the FLU.  My mother monitored my temperature and we let the sickness run its course.  I remember having chills, being unable to stand, sweating, horrible aches, and sleeping constantly.  But it was the FLU.  It was not fatal, it was the FLU.  Nowadays, the flu is portrayed to be a death sentence and I do not think all the hype is an accident.

We are being brainwashed to fear catching the flu.  It is a scare tactic used by the media, who is controlled by pharmaceutical companies, to sell their product the flu vaccine that is only 50-60% effective and half the time <50% effective.  I have observed the flu virus grow into an increasingly dangerous threat year after year.  I have witnessed the slow but steady push to get vaccinated, (but as least not forcefully!), bemused by this increasingly wimpy culture whipping itself into a frenzy over nothing; but I knew there was nothing to worry about, it was just the flu, and I believed I was protected from it by having it in my childhood.

I believe that I am currently protected from the flu because I HAD the FLU in grade school.  Having the flu protected me by developing my immune system to be able to fight efficiently.  I believe this because I have not had a severe flu since that time.  Looking back over the years I may have had the flu, but it was very mild, lasting only one day.

This is my philosophy: the immune system is naturally crafted, from cradle to grave, by the antigens to which it is exposed.  The introduction to vaccines might hinder this process by tampering with the immune system’s own growth process.  A caterpillar must be left alone and not “helped”, when embarking upon the difficult process of emerging from its cocoon.  If “helped”, its wings will not be able to form correctly and it will NEVER be able to fly.  Our precious immune systems can be looked at in a similar way, they should not be “helped,” or they may never be strong enough to support us our entire lives.

Affects of my “unalienable rights being trampled upon”, on this blog

My life has been mildly turned upside down.  I am having trouble sleeping and have lost some of my zest for life.  I hoped to write a post during the month of August about my one year anniversary of paying cash for my townhouse and what it is like living here.  I really like living in my townhouse.  The previous owner decorated nicely and I wanted to show the way that three complimentary wall colors can make a living area warm and cozy.

But I do not want to write about the paint colors she chose.  In fact I am trying to keep my happiness about living in my own paid for townhouse at bay because I fear that sometime in the near future I may be forced to leave my townhouse by either moving to another country or being forcefully removed and sent to a prison camp for being a “public health threat” by my choice not to take a forced vaccine.

This sounds very conspiratorial and I never took conspiracy theories seriously until Wednesday August 3, 2016 when I was told I would have to take a flu shot against my will or possibly lose my job.  Because this happened to me I am able to personally understand having my “unalienable rights” trampled upon.  These are the rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Unalienable rights are rights given to us by our Creator, they form a protective shield around our human condition.  The government has no right to trample upon these rights, they are God given.  Because my autonomy has been disregarded I am fearful that one day government agents will be banging on my door to either give me my forced vaccine cocktail for “public safety”, or be kidnapped and taken to prison.  This is happening because the government wants more control and the pharmaceutical companies see individuals simply as a “market.”

I will not be contributing to my 403b.  If the government, who is controlled by pharmaceutical companies, can force United States citizens to take a vaccine, they can FORCE ANYTHING!  I fear our 401ks and 403bs might be horrendously taxed, up to 70 or 80%.  I do not trust the government have some control of my 403b and have reverted to contributing my savings to my brokerage account only.

Obama Care’s Role

OBAMA care must be abolished because Obama Care is being used to annihilate the middle class.  Obama Care already costs the middle class a fortune, 70% of its cost is paid for by the middle class!  There are also some very unconstitutional schemes associated with Obama Care such as The “National Adult Immunization Plan”, NAIP.  NAIP is an Obama care scheme that will be used to “forcibly vaccinate all Americans and move toward a radical new healthcare paradigm in which medical “treatment” is delivered at gunpoint.”  America must come out from under the shadow of this oppression!!!!!

Under Obama Care we will be banned from holding a job if we do not agree to forced vaccination.  We will also be heavily fined.  These fines will be allowed because vaccines will be propagandized as necessary to promote “public health” and “the good of society”.  So I refused to be vaccinated I would not be able to work and the fine would completely wipe out my dividend investing retirement plan!  This scenario is what keeps me up at night.

Look for the terms “public health safety”, and “population health” and similar terms in the near future.  The government is going to work with local hospitals and other entities to carry out its evil deeds.  “The Jewish Holocaust, the Great Leap Forward, the killing of the Kulaks, American Eugenics, Tuskegee experimentation, the cold water experiments of Birkenau, Dachau and Auschwitz, all were justified at the time by their respective leaders as for the good of society.”