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September 1, 2016 Net Worth Update

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Welcome back to another net worth update!

A few months ago I was trying to decide whether to contribute the maximum to my 403b or just focus most of my savings efforts upon my Brokerage account.  So in August I decided to restart contributing the maximum to my 403b in order to take advantage of the tax savings. However on August 5 I received bad news at my job which caused me to redirect my savings efforts upon my brokerage account only.  I chose to forgo saving in my 403b because I believe the money will be taxed at a much higher rate when it comes time to withdraw.  This is a complaint that I have heard others express but I was not concerned about until recent events at my job caused me to question the government and I realized that it is overstepping its bounds in a myriad ways.

I cannot complain about returning to saving in my brokerage account because this means that my monthly dividends will only grow that much faster.  And since I need this money to pay my bills when I am no longer working I need it sooner rather than later.

In the month of August I added to HASI and TROW.  I did not buy any new stocks.  After a year of investing I can see that the REITS and financial/insurance sectors of my portfolio seem to be doing the best overall.  My dividends have remained steady at $460 to $470 per month and net worth grew $5589.13.  I hope to grow my portfolio to $200,000 by the end of 2016, earn $7000.00 in dividends in 2016, and at least earn an additional $100 in dividends by this time next year.

I no longer work 40 hours per week.  I began working 64 hours bi-weekly about 2 weeks ago.  Because of the reduced hours I may only be able to add $800 per paycheck to my brokerage instead of $1000.  I am feeling much better physically working a 32 hour work week and am surprised in the difference one less day can make.  I decided to ask for this schedule in late spring when I was suffering major burn out and am very grateful that it was approved so quickly.  The additional good news is that I received an unexpected raise last week that really surprised me so this could not have happened at a better time but it is somewhat bittersweet…







Author: weeklyinvestment

Hi I am 44 years old and started dividend investing in 2015 at the age of 41. This blog provides an example of portfolio changes and dividend growth and compounding. It is very exciting to witness the changes on a weekly basis. My goal is to partially retire within the next three to five years by living frugally and building up my portfolio into a mini pension to supplement and support my frugal lifestyle. I am interested in vegan food, biking, music, exercise, nature, photography, gardening, writing, travel, and investing. I daily wish to be able to have more time to do these things yet I am sadly torn away as I head off to work each day...

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